Wall Split AC Air Conditioner Giatsu Aroma 2E GIA-S09AR2E-R32-I + GIA-S09AR2E-R32-O

Wall Split AC Air Conditioner Giatsu GIA-S09AR2E-R32-I + GIA-S09AR2E-R32-O
Wall Split AC Air Conditioner Giatsu GIA-S09AR2E-R32-I + GIA-S09AR2E-R32-O
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Wall Split AC Giatsu
Cooling Capacity: 2.236 Kcal/h (2.60 kW)
Heating Capacity: 2.502 Kcal/h (2.91 kW)
Energy Classification: A++
Refrigerant: R-32

Giatsu GIA-S09AR2E-R32: Efficiency and Connectivity in Air Conditioning

The Giatsu GIA-S09AR2E-R32 air conditioner, from the Aroma 2E series, offers an advanced solution for the air conditioning of spaces. 15 to 25 m². This system, composed of a indoor unit GIA-S09AR2E-R32-I and a outdoor unit GIA-S09AR2E-R32-O, is distinguished by its energy efficiency, integration with smart home systems and its commitment to the environment.

Capacity and Performance

With a cooling capacity of 2,236 Kcal/h (2.60 kW) and a heating capacity of 2,502 Kcal/h (2.91 kW), it guarantees an ideal environment For both hot days and cold nights. Its efficient operation, supported by a nominal consumption of 0.73 kW in both cold and heat, positions it as an economical and sustainable option.

Connectivity and Smart Control

This model includes WiFi as standard, allowing remote control through mobile devices. In addition, it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, offering an unprecedented user experience that allows you to adjust the air conditioning to the specific needs of each moment effortlessly.

Superior Energy Efficiency

The Aroma 2E series not only meets expectations of comfort and functionality, but it also does so efficiently, with an A++ rating in cold mode and A+ in heat mode. These efficiency levels, together with a SEER of 6.3 and a SCOP of 4.0, reflect Giatsu's commitment to reducing energy consumption and promoting energy efficiency. n for a more sustainable environment.

Acoustic and Aesthetic Comfort

Designed for comfort, the GIA-S09AR2E-R32 operates at a minimum sound level of 21 dBA, thus guaranteeing maximum noise level. a quiet environment suitable for rest and concentration. Its modern and minimalist aesthetic, in white and with dimensions of 780 x 270 x 365 mm for the interior unit, adapts perfectly to any type of decoration.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Designed to facilitate installation and maintenance, the Giatsu air conditioner comes with a net weight of 30.8 kg and dimensions that allow flexible placement of both the indoor and outdoor units. The piping specifications and single-phase power supply ensure easy adaptation to the needs of each home or business. The Giatsu GIA-S09AR2E-R32 is an exceptional choice for those looking for an efficient, advanced and environmentally friendly air conditioning solution. Its ability to integrate with smart home systems, along with its superior energy performance and elegant design, make it a leading option in the air conditioning market.


Data sheet

Indoor unit
Remote control
Outdoor unit
Aroma 2E
Google Home / Amazon Alexa
Cooling Capacity
2.236 Kcal/h (2.60 kW)
Heating Capacity
2.502 Kcal/h (2.91 kW)
Recommended surface area
15 - 25 m²
Heat Pump
Nominal consumption (cooling/heating)
0.73 kW / 0.73 kW
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit)
21 dBA
Energy label (Cooling)
Energy label (Heating)
6.3 / 4.0
Indoor unit color
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
780 x 270 x 365
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
720 × 270 x 495
Net weight
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
Energy Classification

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