Identification data

1. You are visiting the domain, owned by Bayona Petit Tradex Consulting S.L. residing C/ Madrid, 322. 46118 Serra, Valencia with NIF nº B98312366, registered in the 'Registro Mercantil de Valencia' volume 9283 Sheet 30, Page V-142238, bis, from here on CLIMAMARKET.

You may contact CLIMAMARKET through either of the following means:

Phone: 652 551 448
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Phone: 652 551 448
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2. These conditions (from here on Legal warning) seeks to regulate the use of CLIMAMARKET's web available to the public.

The person accessing and/or using this site is referred to as USER, who accepts given said access and/or use the general dispositions explained here.

Said conditions will be applied independently from the general contracting terms of obligated compliance.

Use of the site

3. gives access to plenty of information, services, programs or data (from here on, the content) on the Internet owned by CLIMAMARKET or the respective license owners that the USER has access to.

The user assumes their responsibility of proper site use. Said responsibility extends to the logging up process required to access certain services or contents. During said process the USER will be required to provide true and licit information. As a consequence of this registration, the USER can be provided a password of which he will be sole responsible, agreeing to make diligent use of it.

The USER agrees to making good use of the contents and services (e.g. chat services, discussion topics or newsletters) that CLIMAMARKET may offer on their domain. They do so with enunciative but not limitative nature, and will not use them to:

  • Engage in illicit, illegal activities or activities which do not comply with good faith or public order.
  • Spread propaganda of racist, xenophobe, pornographic, terrorist or contrary to human right nature.
  • Cause malfunctions in hardware and software belonging or loaned to Bayona Petit Tradex Consulting S.L., their suppliers or third parties, introducing viruses of any other sort or using hardware or software that could lead to the aforementioned malfunctions.
  • Trying to access or using e-mail accounts belonging to other users and altering or manipulating their messages.
  • Using the website, its content or resources with commercial, political or propagandistic purposes, especially concerning unrequested e-mails.

CLIMAMARKET have the right to delete any comments that violate a person's dignity or are of xenophobe, racist or pornographic in nature, infringe upon the youth or infancy, or otherwise, as they see fit, are not adequate enough to be published. In any case CLIMAMARKET is not to be held responsible for the opinions and messages from their users in forums, chats or other communication tools.

Data protection

4. All info regarding data protection is compiled in our privacy policy document. Contents.

Intellectual and industrial property

5. CLIMAMARKET is the owner of all intellectual and industrial properties within its web domain, and all the elements it contains (enunciatively: images, photographies, sound, audio, video, software or texts, brands or logos, color combinations, structure and design, resources, computer apps required for a correct experience...) are es propietario de todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual e industrial de su página web, así como de los elementos contenidos en la misma (a título enunciativo: imágenes, fotografías, sonido, audio, vídeo, software o textos; marcas o logotipos, combinaciones de colores, estructura y diseño, selección de materiales usados, programas de ordenador necesarios para su funcionamiento, acceso y uso, etc.), belong to CLIMAMARKET or their respective license owners.

All rights reserved. As established in articles 8 and 32.1, paragraph 2, of the Intellectual Property Law, it is forbidden, without Climamarket's authorisation, to totally or partially reproduce, distribute or communicate the contents of this website for commercial purposes.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

6. The USER agrees that usage of the website and its contents and services is performed under his sole responsibility. Specifically, enunciatively only, CLIMAMARKET will not assume responsibility for the following scenarios:

  • Website availability, as well as its services, content, quality or interoperability.
  • The end use of the website as intended by the USER.
  • Legal issues on the part of the USER or third parties and, more specifically, regarding industrial and intellectual property of other people or entities.
  • The existence of malware code or any other harmful informatics elements causer by the USER or third parties. It is up to the USER to have the tools requires for cleansing and getting rid of these elements.
  • Fraudulent access to the content or services by unauthorised third parties or, given the case, the screenshots, deletion, alteration, modification or manipulation of messages and other means of communication said third parties could do.
  • The exactitude, veracity, utility and recency of the contents and services offered and the utilisation the USER does with them. CLIMAMARKET will employ all their efforts and reasonable resources in order to facilitate updated and relevant information.
  • Harm done to informatics equipment while accessing the website and harm done to the USERS when they stem from errors or disconnections suffered by telecommunications systems, interrupting service.
  • Harm derive from fortuitous circumstances or force majeur.

In the event that forums exist, when using them or similar communications methods, it must be taken into account that published messages represent only the opinion of the USER that published them, and remains sole responsible. CLIMAMARKET is not to be held accountable for the content of said messages sent by the USER.

Modification of this legal warning and duration

7. CLIMAMARKET has the right to make effective without previous notice any modifications on their domain they see fitting, being able to change, delete or add as much content and services available in it, as well as the shape or format they appear or the way they are located in their site.

The validity of conditions contained within said legal warning depends on the way they are presented and will be valid until they are modified by others once they are published.


8. In the case that included links to other websites, CLIMAMARKET will not be in control of said sites and contents. Under no circumstances will CLIMAMARKET assume responsibilities for the contents of a link to an unrelated website, nor will it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, veracity, validity or constitutionality of any matter or information shown in any of said links or other websites. The inclusion of these external links will not imply any sort of association, fusion or participation with the corresponding entities.

Right of exclusion

9. CLIMAMARKET have the right to deny or forbid individuals from accessing the domain and/or the services they offer without previous warning, to those USERS who do not comply with the content of this legal warning.

Basic concepts

10. CLIMAMARKET will actively prosecute non-compliance to the mentioned legal warning as well and any unlawful utilisation of its domain, exerting all the legal actions it can rightfully resort to.

Applicable legislation and jurisprudence

11. The relation between CLIMAMARKET and the USER will be in accordance with current Spanish law. Any and all disputes that are produced as a result of this legal warning will be resolves by Spanish courts and judges.

Underage and minors

12. offers their services to users 18 or over. Minors are not authorised to use our services and will not, therefor, send us their personal data. We inform that, in such a scenario, CLIMAMARKET will not be responsible for the possible consequences that might derive from ignoring the warning this clause represents.