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Wall Split Air Conditioners in Climamarket

When it comes to air conditioning, the wall-mounted split air conditioner is the most common type of equipment on the market, whether for home, the office or commercial premises. Wall-mounted split air conditioners can be adapted to any room and the range of capacities is so wide that there is hardly any room that cannot be air conditioned.

Now all wall split air conditioners are equipped with a heat pump, making your life more comfortable in summer and winter.

The best selection of brands of split wall air conditioners with heat pump on the market.

We offer you the best brands of air conditioners. We have made a selection and we only work with the brands that offer the best guarantee and the best value for money.

Wall mounted units from Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Haier, Giuatsu, and many others. Our best selection of wall split air conditioners for you.

If you're looking to air condition a room of about 30 square metres and want equipment with a minimum energy rating of A++, you should know that the LG CONFORT S09ET.NSJ + S09ET.UA3 wall-mounted split air conditioner is a very interesting solution. And if what you are looking for is to be able to air condition a maximum of 35 square metres, we have a device that fits the bill: the LG CONFORT S12ET.NSJ + S12ET.UA3 wall-mounted air conditioner.

The best comfort at the lowest cost thanks to inverter wall distributors

Maximum comfort, minimum consumption: that's what ClimaMarket's split wall air conditioners offer. All of them are equipped with inverter technology, which allows them to have very low consumption.

Forget those astronomical electricity bills. Now it doesn't cost anything to have a comfortable temperature all year round in your home, office or business. Wall split air conditioning makes it possible.

The great advantage of this type of split air conditioner is its installation. An outdoor unit and an indoor unit make installation and commissioning very simple.

Wall-mounted split air conditioner with integrated WIFI

That's the way it is, and these days, if you're not connected, it seems like you're nobody, which is why at ClimaMarket, we have the best selection of Wall Split air conditioners with WIFI on the market.

You don't need a remote control. With your smartphone, you already have control over your home's air conditioning.

With ClimaMarket's wall split air conditioners with wifi, you will have control over the air conditioning of your home, office or business, wherever you are. Switch on your home's wall split air conditioning before you arrive. Comfort brought to the highest level.

Personalized attention when purchasing your wall split air conditioner.

Don't know which wall split air conditioner to choose? You don't know which power is suitable for a room? Don't worry, contact us, we will be happy to guide and advise you, both on the power you need to air condition your rooms, and on the technology you want for your wall split air conditioner.

We will be happy to guide you in the choice of your new air conditioner.

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