At ClimaMarket, we set the highest quality standards in order to offer you the best possible shopping experience when purchasing your equipment. We take care of every detail, from the moment you enter our website for the first time until you receive the equipment at the address you have indicated. To ensure the quality of service and to offer you the most efficient management possible, we also provide you with a guide on how to act upon receipt of the goods and in the event that there is an incident with the equipment purchased.

Below we indicate how to act in each case:

Receipt of Goods: 

The steps to follow at the reception of the merchandise are the following:

  1. Verify that all the packages corresponding to your order have been delivered.
  2. Verify that the packaging is in good condition.
  3. Open the packaging to verify that the contents are in good condition.
  4. Fill in the carrier's delivery note, reporting any incident, if any.

IMPORTANT: If the goods or the packaging are damaged, it is imperative to report the incident on the delivery note, in addition to noting the incident on the delivery note. In this way we ensure that the condition of the goods is recorded and we will be able to make a claim to the all risk transport insurance.

Incident during transport:

Your shipment has a comprehensive insurance contracted with the carrier. However, in order to enforce the transport guarantee, it is necessary that at the time of delivery the incident is reported to the carrier and is recorded in the delivery note. This point is really important, since not doing it is communicating to the carrier that there is conformity with the delivery, so it will be very difficult for them to accept a claim.

Once the incident is detected and the carrier is duly informed, please send us an email to so we can manage and solve your incident. We will need you to attach the intervention request document.

You can download the template through the following link:


Technical incident of the equipment:

By purchasing the equipment with ClimaMarket, you have the Spanish warranty of 3 years from the date of delivery. On the other hand, your certified installer will provide you with your installation warranty.

Technical incidents may be due to a manufacturing fault or, as most commonly happens, to an installation error. Because of this, we recommend that you first check with your installer the status of the installation before contacting the manufacturer's official technical service or requesting technical assistance from ClimaMarket.

In fact, in the event that technical assistance is requested to the manufacturer's official technical service and it determines that the problem is due to a bad installation, it will charge for its services according to the current rate.

Once the installation is verified to be correct, it is time to ask your certified installer to find the origin of the incident and provide you with a technical report of the installation detailing the problem and condition of the equipment. Once you obtain these reports, we will need you to send them to us along with the warranty request document, as well as any photos that may be necessary for the assessment of the incident. Our email address is and you can download the warranty request document through the following link:


If, in your case, the installer has determined that there is a leak, he must determine its cause as accurately as possible. This is because most of the leaks are caused by a failure of the installer to work with the valves of the external machine and not by a manufacturing error.

The equipment warranty will only be effective if it can be demonstrated that the installation has been carried out by an accredited professional and the cause of the incident is due to a defect in the equipment.