Environmentally friendly

Since its beginnings, the company has focused all its efforts on offering innovative, high quality and environmentally friendly products. This premise has made the company one of the leading manufacturers in the air conditioning and DHW equipment sector in the main European countries.

Buying Giatsu is buying quality, all the products of this brand go through rigorous inspection and verification controls in order to guarantee the highest quality and thus ensuring compliance with its demanding manufacturing standards.

Giatsu wall split air conditioners

Thanks to Giatsu's advanced Japanese technology and rigorous quality controls, all Giatsu products are manufactured with excellent quality and attention to detail. With its high quality filters incorporated as standard and an ion generator, it purifies the environment to the maximum; it decomposes gases, eliminates viruses and bacteria, smoke and bad smells.

Giatsu air conditioning ducts

Technology, reliability, efficiency, durability and design are the defining characteristics of any Giatsu product. A key feature of Giatsu ducts is the auto-swing function, with which the unit automatically varies the air outlet angle in all directions, without cold air flows that reduce overall comfort.

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