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  • Brand: Daikin

ClimaMarket, specialists in air-to-water heat pumps, efficient and clean air conditioning.

Air-to-water heat pumps work in a very simple way, extracting up to 77% of the ambient energy from the air free of charge, greatly reducing electricity consumption.

These heating-only aerothermal systems are state-of-the-art heat pumps designed to provide heating and, if desired, hot water all year round at very low cost.

Aerothermal pumps have many advantages, among them, that installation and maintenance are much simpler and better compared to a traditional heat pump.

In addition, air-to-water heat pumps have been recognised as a renewable and safe energy, as there is no combustion, no smoke and no waste.

The best selection of air-to-water heat pumps is at ClimaMarket.

At ClimaMarket we work with leading brands, and it could not be less with air-to-water heat pumps. That is why we offer the air-to-water heat pump that only generates heating with the latest technology from Mitsubishi Electric, DaikinLG and Panasonic.

Whichever air-to-water heat pump you choose, it will help you achieve high heating and domestic hot water (DHW) performance at a very affordable price.

Buying air-to-water heat pumps from us is a good choice

We try to offer an attractive price so that the aerotermia is within reach of the maximum number of people possible. We also take great care in the service we offer to ensure a satisfactory purchasing process.

Advice on which air-to-water heat pump to buy

At ClimaMarket we are specialists in aerothermics and we can help you find the equipment that best suits you. If you are looking for the best air conditioning solution for the future and present, do not hesitate to buy a machine of this type