Air Purifiers Mitsubishi Electric MA-E100R
Air Purifiers Mitsubishi Electric MA-E100R
Air Purifiers Mitsubishi Electric MA-E100R
Air Purifiers Mitsubishi Electric MA-E100R

Air Purifier Mitsubishi Electric MA-E100R

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Air Purifiers brand Mitsubishi Electric.

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Mitsubishi Electric Air Purifier MA-E100R

Improves air quality in large spaces.

Maximum filtering

With a CADR of 612 m³/h, the largest in its category, it purifies all the air in a room at high speed. The risk of spreading particles and bio-aerosols is reduced in a very short time as they are quickly trapped by the filters.

Presence sensor - i-see sensor

The advanced i-see sensor helps redirect the airflow to clean the environment more effectively:

- Its artificial intelligence allows it to distinguish people from pets or other heat sources.

- It positions the unit to deliver clean air around people.

- It regulates the air outlet angle up to about 75° so as not to disturb or impact, passing over people's heads to avoid direct air flow.

Automatic Swivel and Blade Control function

It rotates on its own axis and the slats have 3 different positions to adapt its operation to any situation.

High precision sensors

It has two optical sensors to detect particles up to 0.5μm and an electrochemical sensor capable of detecting bad smells and some odourless gases. In automatic mode, the sensors activate and deactivate the purifier to keep the room environment clean with minimum power consumption and without you noticing.

Design in vertical construction

All this high capacity filtered in a vertical design to occupy the minimum space allows its location at any point, giving it great versatility and discretion.

Perfect for spaces of up to 100m2

This unit has a large air filtering capacity suitable for spaces of up to 100m2, perfect for large spaces with a large influx of people such as offices, shops and other commercial spaces.

Certified by Allergy UK

Quality proven by Allergy UK, a UK based non-profit organisation focused on research and the wellbeing of people with allergy related health problems.


Data sheet

Recommended surface area
5 - 75 m²
Indoor unit color
Net weight
Total packages
Dimensions (H x W x D - mm)
800 × 320 × 270
Flow (m3/h)
Sound pressure (dBa)
22 - 55 dBA
Susan Jacquot 07/20/2021
C'était un bon achat

Bien qu'il existe d'autres marques moins chères, j'ai décidé d'opter pour ce modèle qui me donne plus de confiance grâce au prestige de la marque.

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