World's No. 1 smart air conditioner brand

With a market share of 24.9% in retail sales volume in 2019, Haier ranks as the world's most popular brand.

This technology giant is known for listening carefully to consumers in order to gain a better understanding of what is going on in their lives and what is on their minds.

That is why, in addition to innovating its products and solutions according to these new and diverse needs, it transforms its organisation into a connected platform, making the latest and most reliable technology available to any consumer at attractive prices.

Discover your most convenient air conditioning or heating system through Haier and ClimaMarket. On our website we have a great offer of this brand given its attractive prices and good quality.

Haier wall split air conditioners

These wall split air conditioners adapt to any room and the power offer is so diverse that there is practically no place that can not be air conditioned.

These machines are synonymous with reliability and efficiency. The new evolution of the Haier Wall Split series reflects the brand's commitment to the Internet of Things, including the best Wi-Fi on the market as standard and being voice-controlled via Google Home.

Undoubtedly, Haier's most popular machines are in the air conditioning range for rooms between 25 and 35 m².

Many units stand out for their high energy efficiency (A+++) and excellent finish. In addition, they are equipped with ECO Sensor, which is able to intelligently manage their capacity to help us make significant savings and be environmentally friendly. To round off its high performance, it is highly silent (16 dB(A)) and incorporates the best Wi-Fi on the market.

Haier Multi Split wall-mounted air conditioner

If you are looking for a way to air-condition several rooms in your home at a good price, there is nothing simpler than multisplit air conditioners.

Get the desired temperature throughout the year and adjust it as needed in each room of your home.

This category unifies wall splits and cassettes among other air conditioning systems to offer you air conditioning for several rooms.

Haier ducted air conditioning

Efficiency, high performance and adaptability to any workplace or home make this type of air conditioning the most suitable for use in all kinds of situations or moments.

Haier Ducts are characterised by their low profile and compact design, two ideal features for integration in projects where dimensions are essential. In addition, they are capable of emitting a very low sound level of 25 dB(A) on average.

Haier air conditioning cassettes

Choosing a cassette as an air conditioning system is a smart bet for an office or commercial premises where we are looking for aesthetically integrated, powerful, silent and energy-saving equipment.

In this category, Haier stands out for its intelligent airflow distribution technology. With this innovative system, a 360º airflow of the air conditioned air is achieved, thus avoiding direct cold air flows to certain areas.

It is also possible to incorporate a sensor into the panel, allowing us to enjoy an intelligent flow channelled to where it is most needed, thanks to its automatic blade control.

Haier Floor/Ceiling Air Conditioners

Compact and attractive design, very high adaptability, so it is possible to place the floor/ceiling consoles anywhere. Like other air conditioning systems, these machines have attractive features and high reliability.

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