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Multi Split Air Conditioning at ClimaMarket

Do you need to have air conditioning in several rooms? In that case, your best bet are multisplit air conditioners, which also have a heat pump.

Enjoying the desired temperature throughout the year and adjusting it as needed in each room of your home is now possible thanks to our exclusive multisplit air conditioning equipment.

The best solution to climatise different rooms with the multisplit air conditioning

Save space and installation costs. With just one outdoor unit you can connect up to 4 indoor units (multisplit 2x1, multisplit 3x1, multisplit 4x1). They can even be of different capacities according to your needs. The installation of the multisplit air conditioning units is one of the easiest to do.

A good solution for multisplit 2x1 is the LG R32 09 + 09 Multi Split unit which combines 2xPC09SK (indoor units) + MU2R17 (outdoor unit).

Haier also presents the Multi Split Haier Geos + 2U50S2SM1FA + 2 x AS25TADHRA-TH, with a coverage area of up to 50 square metres and an A++ energy rating.

The best brands in multi-split air conditioning

At ClimaMarket we only work with the best and most prestigious air conditioning brands on the market. Among them we can highlight Mitsubishi Electric, Haier and LG, among others.

These manufacturers are a reference within the air conditioning sector as they have equipment with an excellent quality/price ratio, which makes them a great choice for providing solutions to different air conditioning needs.

Maximum comfort and minimum cost with our Multi Split Inverter

How does multisplit inverter air conditioning work? With the inverter technology, which regulates the speed of the compressor so that it regulates its speed according to your needs, the electrical consumption of ClimaMarket's Multi Splits is reduced by up to 40% so that we can have the desired temperature all year round without worrying about consumption.

In addition, it should be noted that these units not only have a reduced consumption, but they also come equipped with R32 gas. This is a much more efficient and less harmful to the environment than the previous options.

Always Connected, Multi-split wall unit with WIFI

Most of ClimaMarket's multi-split devices come with integrated Wifi technology, with all the advantages that this entails.

Control your multisplit with wifi from anywhere in the world, activate it or turn it off, program it, switch modes... you can do all of this and more from your smartphone no matter where you are.

Personalised attention for your multisplit air conditioning

We know that when choosing your multi-split air conditioner you may have some doubts and you may find the process a bit complicated, as there are many factors to consider. But don't worry, at ClimaMarket we are here to help you.

We will guide you through the whole process of buying your multisplit air conditioning and advise you according to your needs. We will help you choose the multisplit that really suits your needs, so that you can make the purchase with complete confidence and be satisfied.

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Any questions?

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