Humidifiers Daikin MCK55W
Humidifiers Daikin MCK55W
Humidifiers Daikin MCK55W
Humidifiers Daikin MCK55W

Air Purifier Humidifier Daikin MCK55W

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Air Purifiers brand Daikin.

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Fresh air, Daikin cares about you

We break down harmful substances into 3 steps.

  • A powerful air return: 3 different zones, so that the air return is more effective.
  • Capture of polluting particles: With an electrostatic HEPA filter, it effectively captures the harmful particles.
  • Decomposition: With the Daikin Streamer technology it easily decomposes the harmful substances that are retained in the filter by oxidation.

The Streamer symbol has 3 functions

  • Recruitment: The filter traps the harmful substances in the environment and the Streamer system breaks them down.
  • Cycle: The anti-odour filter cleans the environment of bad odours, it also regenerates itself so there is no need to change it
  • Cure: It eliminates all the bacteria from the dust collector filter, as well as in the humidification process as in the tray of the same.

HEPA filter that captures the finest particles

Removes 99% of particles between 0.1μm and 2.5μm in size

  • This filter uses electrostatics to capture the finest particles. When compared to non-electrostatic HEPA filters, which only collect particles through the fineness of the network, this filter is not prone to clogging.
  • Because of this process it allows much more air to pass through the purifier.
  • This leads to more purified air per minute.

Electrostatic HEPA filter

  • - Removes 99.97% of the fine particles from 0.3μm
  • - The filter fibre is charged with static electricity and traps the particles very effectively.
  • - It does not get clogged, which would cause a drop in air pressure

Compact, efficient and quiet thanks to its new innovative design


Data sheet

Recommended surface area
35 - 40 m²
Indoor unit color
Net weight
Total packages
Dimensions (H x W x D - mm)
700 x 270 x 270
Flow (m3/h)
Sound pressure (dBa)
39 dBA
Power consumption
7 / 10 / 17 / 56 W
Tank Capacity
2.7 L
Joseph Holden 10/20/2021
Goede koop

Met Daikin kan je niet verkeerd gaan, 2 in 1 zuiveraar en luchtbevochtiger, helemaal niet lawaaierig, en werkt perfect.

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