Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems Heating and Cooling Bibloc Panasonic Aquarea High Performance KIT-WC03K3E5

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Heating and Cooling Panasonic
Cooling capacity (35°C, 7°C DHW): 2.752 Kcal/h (3.20 kW)
Heating capacity (7°C, 35°C DHW): 2.752 Kcal/h (3.20 kW)
Energy Classification: A+++
Refrigerant: R-32

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Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems Heating and Cooling Bibloc Panasonic Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc  KIT-WC03K3E5

Introducing the Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc Generation K single-phase. This unit is perfect for meeting your heating and cooling needs. With its SDC technology and the use of R32 refrigerant, it ensures exceptional performance while being environmentally friendly.

Enjoy outstanding energy efficiency with a COP of up to 5.33 in heating at 35 °C, allowing you to save energy and reduce heating costs. Additionally, its variable speed water pump with class "A" rating ensures efficient and quiet operation. With the built-in flow meter, you can monitor water consumption accurately and conveniently.

Flexibility is key, and the Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc offers you plenty of options. With long pipe runs, you can adapt the system to the needs of your space without compromising performance. Furthermore, it features a built-in magnetic water filter that ensures a clean and high-quality water supply.

Imagine experiencing exceptional comfort even in extreme conditions. Thanks to its operation without support resistance, this system can provide heating even at temperatures as low as -25 °C. Moreover, you can obtain hot water at 60 °C, even with an outside temperature of -10 °C.

Having control over your system is crucial, which is why the Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc features an optimized interface and enhanced functions. With 2-zone control and bivalent control, you can adjust the temperature and performance according to your specific needs.

And if you value connectivity, this system has everything you need. You can opt for Aquarea Smart and Service Cloud to have advanced control, as well as integration into building management system (BMS) projects.

In summary, the Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc Generation K single-phase is the ideal solution for enjoying comfortable indoor environments throughout the year. Its energy efficiency, flexibility, comfort, and advanced control make this system the perfect choice for your home or commercial space. Don't wait any longer and achieve maximum performance with this incredible product!


Data sheet

Indoor unit
Remote control
Integrated into the indoor unit
Outdoor unit
Aquarea High Performance
Heating capacity (7°C, 35°C DHW)
2.752 Kcal/h (3.20 kW)
Cooling capacity (35°C, 7°C DHW)
2.752 Kcal/h (3.20 kW)
Heat Pump
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
500 x 348 x 892
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
824 x 298 x 622
Net weight
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
Operating range
-25 °C
Max. Output Water Temperature (Heating)
60 °C
Min. Output Water Temperature (Cooling)
5 °C
DHW Tank
Not included
Energy Classification
COP (7°C, 35°C DHW)
EER (35°C, 7°C DHW)
Indoor unit sound pressure (Cooling / Heating)
28 dBA
High temperature

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