Giatsu Conductos  GIA-D-18L01
Giatsu Conductos  GIA-D-18L01

Giatsu Ducted GIA-D-18L01R32

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Air Conditioning type Ducted brand Giatsu.
Cooling Capacity: 4.300 Kcal/h (5.00 kW)
Heating Capacity: 4.815 Kcal/h (5.6 kW)
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration): A+
Gas: R-32

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Refrigerant gas R32

Auto-restart: In the event of a power outage, the appliance automatically restarts with the same settings and mode before the cut-off

Self-diagnosis: The system performs a full check to verify that everything is working properly

Night mode: With this function the equipment adapts the temperature to the sleep period to make it more comfortable and achieve energy savings

Turbo button: Ideal for cooling or heating a room at maximum fan speed. In just 30 minutes you will have the desired temperature

Cold anti-air start function: The unit does not start working until the battery is hot enough, thus preventing the equipment from expelling cold air

Timer: It can be configured to turn the unit on or off automatically within a 24-hour period

Dehumidifier: Includes this feature

Low sound pressure (28 dB): The unit is designed to operate at the lowest sound pressure thanks to a very low fan speed

Wired Control: The Ducted units incorporate a wired control as standard that allows us to perfectly adjust all the parameters of the unit

Soft Start: This function regulates voltage and current thanks to a smart compressor that helps prolong the life of the appliance

Defrost function: Decon- geation is done intelligently when necessary, therefore it improves heating efficiency and energy savings

Possibility to configure the return: The Ducted has two configurable air returns that allow it to be adapted to any type of installation

Provide saheer of outdoor fresh air: It has an air inlet that allows a renewal of the air through the indoor unit

7 key differences between R32 gas and R410A gas.

1. The R32 is 100% pure which simplifies its recycling and reuse, unlike the R410 which is composed of two gases (R32 and R125),

which makes its recycling more complex.

2. Both gases have a 0 impact on the ozone layer, but the R32 is a coolant that has a 75% lower impact on warming

675) compared to the R410A (2090), which means a lower risk of environmental damage in the event of leakage


3. The R32 represents lower cost and greater savings as it uses 30% less coolant than the R410A.

4. R32 gas consumes less energy with very low outdoor temperatures.

5. The cooling capacity of the R32 is 2.9% and the EER is 6.4% higher than the R410A under standard cooling conditions.

6. Higher energy efficiency (A+++) than the R410A.

7. The R32 gas has an A2L rating which means that it has a low level of flammability and toxicity.


Data sheet

Cooling Capacity
4.300 Kcal/h (5.00 kW)
Heating Capacity
4.815 Kcal/h (5.6 kW)
Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration)
EU Ecolabel (Heating)
Dimensions Indoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
Dimensions Outdoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)

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