Heating and Cooling Bibloc Panasonic Aquarea High Performance Bi‑bloc WH-SDC0709J3E5
Heating and Cooling Bibloc Panasonic Aquarea High Performance Bi‑bloc WH-SDC0709J3E5
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Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems Heating and Cooling Bibloc Panasonic Aquarea High Performance Bi‑bloc WH-SDC0709J3E5

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Heating and Cooling brand Panasonic.

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Aquarea, maximum efficiency across the entire range

Aquarea J generation: much more than Aquarea in R32. Available in All in One or Bi-bloc 3/5/7/9 kW and Monobloc 5/7/9/12/16 kW.

  1. Keeping the essence of Aquarea
    A+++ in heating mode at 35 °C (scale A+++ to D)
    Optional Aquarea Smart and Service Cloud add-ons
  2. Increased efficiency
    SCOP up to +5% compared to H generation
    DHW COP of up to 3.30 (for 3 kW All in One and 5 kW models)
  3. More flexible design
    Water temperature of 60 °C (up to 65 °C for Monobloc T-CAP)
    Longer pipe length between indoor and outdoor unit: 7/9 kW: 50/30 m (up to 40 m without minimum surface area*) - 3/5 kW: 25/20 m
    Cooling function up to 10 °C outdoor temperature
  4. New intelligent functions
    Suitable for smart grid/photovoltaics for cooling
    Bivalent remote control: Via dry contacts* - 3/5 kW: 25/20 m
    Stop of external device when defrosting by dry contact (to stop the fan coil)
  5. More comfort
    Improved comfort at extremely low temperatures: Heating curve can be set to go as low as -20 °C
    Efficient or comfort mode for domestic hot water: Half load for better efficiency or full load to reduce heating time
    Two-position domestic hot water sensor for All in One: Efficiency position (best COP)

Aquarea High Performance Bi-bloc generation J single-phase. Heating and cooling - SDC - R32

  • Energy efficiency: COP up to 5.33 / A+++ in heating at 35 °C / Class "A" variable speed water pump / Built-in flow meter
  • Flexibility: Long pipe runs / Built-in magnetic water filter.
  • Comfort: Operating range and heating curve down to -20 °C / Water outlet temperature of 60 °C.
  • Control: Additional functions with optional PCB (2-zone control, bivalent control, smart grid contact and more).
  • Connectivity: Optional Aquarea Smart and Service Cloud and integration in BMS projects.


Data sheet

Indoor unit
Aquarea High Performance Bi‑bloc
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit)
30 dBA
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
500 x 340 x 892
Net weight
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
DHW Tank
Not included

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