WiFi module LG PWFMDD200
WiFi module LG PWFMDD200

WiFi module LG PWFMDD200

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Air Conditioning Accesories brand LG.

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Built-in WiFi control.  The LG Smart ThinQ app will connect smart appliances together to offer you a better life (monitored home, remote control, power saving, etc.) so that you enjoy a safer, greener, cooler and more more fun.

In addition, you can use the ThinQ sensor to turn non-smart devices into smart devices.

It will give additional value to your current appliances, allowing you to manage safety, air cleaning, cooling, and more to come.

Spend less time on household chores and enjoy the family more with Smart ThinQ.


The wireless router must be installed at a maximum distance of 10 meters. It is advisable to install it near the product, without electromagnetic interference, where there is no high temperature or humidity levels (such as the kitchen or bathroom), to avoid a malfunction of the product.

Installing the LG Smart ThinQ

Check that the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are turned off. Open the control box for the indoor unit. Connect the USB cable to the PCB of the indoor unit (CN_WF).  Connect the Wi-Fi modem to the USB cable.

Instalación del  LG Smart ThinQ

Download the LG SmartThinQ app, register your air conditioner in the app, select the product type and your remote control. Check if your air conditioner has any of the smartThinkQ icons. Choose the Wi-Fi connection: In "Settings" on your phone, connect the Wi-Fi to the network "LGE_AC-XX-XX-XX" and enter the password "lge12345". On the remote control, press the two buttons under the power button for 3 seconds at the same time. If you hear a buzz move on to the next step, if you don't try again. Check that the Wi-Fi indicator is flashing and move on to the next step. Finally, verify the connection.


Depending on the mobile phone, some functions may not work. It is recommended that you have Android 4.1.2, iOS 9.1.1 or higher installed for application use. It may not work on a tablet.

The screen may look different on other smartphones.

Artcool Mirror Connect Control


  • For the Comfort Connect, Artcool Connect, Multi V interiors and Therma V LG
  • Exclusive stylized and elegant design on the market
  • High quality material
  • Intuitive and digital
  • Intuitive application to establish energy-saving programs and functions or monitoring for advanced users provides quick and easy commissioning for installers




Data sheet

Compatible equipment
Compatible with domestic series (except F-KM, AC-BQ, DC-RQ and PC-SQ), ducts and cassettes LG

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