Wall Split Air Conditioner LG AIR PRIVILEGE F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24
Wall Split Air Conditioner LG AIR PRIVILEGE F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24
Wall Split Air Conditioner LG AIR PRIVILEGE F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24
Wall Split Air Conditioner LG AIR PRIVILEGE F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24
Wall Split Air Conditioner LG AIR PRIVILEGE F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24

Wall Split Air Conditioner LG AIR PRIVILEGE F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24

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Wall Split AC brand LG.
Cooling Capacity: 2.150 Kcal/h (2.5 kW)
Heating Capacity: 2.752 Kcal/h (3.2 kW)
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration): A+++
Gas: R-32

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Energy efficiency A+++

LG's Inverter technology offers cooling and heating with an energy rating of A+++ for cooling and A+++ for heating. Complying with the new European energy regulations, LG is the only brand in the market to achieve the A+++ classification.

Active energy control

It's the #1 AC in energy efficiency. With its Inverter technology, no matter how much you use it, you will always save more: it minimizes energy consumption by up to 66%. Its innovative Active Energy Control allows you to adjust the level of consumption and cooling capacity to each situation; you will notice the difference in your bill.

Silent Mode

Their noise levels are surprisingly low, ensuring a quieter home with 19 dB, much quieter than a library. It achieves a very low noise level thanks to the innovative LG technology of inclined fan and vibrating compressor BLDC. Silence will increase during your rest with the Sleep Mode.

Plasmaster Ionizer

Your home is the place where you want to feel most comfortable, that's why the new LG Air Conditioning units incorporate the exclusive Plasmaster Ionizer, capable of eliminating germs, dust and bad odors from the air in your home.

Voice control

Control the air conditioning with voice commands through Google Assistant

Smart ThinQ

Access your air conditioner from anywhere thanks to the WiFi built into LG air conditioners.

Dust and bacteria free air

The micro-protection filter captures even the smallest dust particles and protects your environment from bacteria. Thanks to a powerful electrostatic charge, it traps all potentially harmful microscopic substances, including pollen and dust, to protect you from known respiratory diseases.

Dual Inverter Compressor with 10 year warranty

LG's DUAL Inverter technology guarantees maximum efficiency and excellent performance. The air is cooled faster, lasts longer and runs more quietly. The compressor has a 10-year warranty, to enjoy the benefits of LG air conditioning for an even longer period of time.

It filters out dust particles and allergens.

The LG filtering system captures dust particles larger than 10μm and removes allergens from the air for a cleaner, purer environment.

Features of the F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24 unit

  • Voice control
  • Integrated WIFI
  • Active energy control
  • Energy display
  • Plasmater Ionizer
  • Dual Protection Filter
  • Self-cleaning Plasmaster
  • Jet Cool
  • 4 air outlets
  • Quick warm up
  • Low Noise 17dB
  • 3dB Silent Mode
  • Quick and easy installation

F09MT.NSM + F09MT.U24

Data sheet

Indoor unit
Remote control
Outdoor unit
Cooling Capacity
2.150 Kcal/h (2.5 kW)
Heating Capacity
2.752 Kcal/h (3.2 kW)
Recommended surface area:
25 m²
Heat Pump
Nominal consumption cold/heat
0.49 kW / 0.593 kW
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit)
19 dBA
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration)
EU Ecolabel (Heating)
9.4 / 5.2
Color indoor unit
Dimensions Indoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
875 x 295 x 235
Dimensions Outdoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
870 x 650 x 330
Total packages

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