Thermostats Daikin EKRTWA
Thermostats Daikin EKRTWA

Thermostats Daikin Altherma EKRTWA

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Thermostats brand Daikin.

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Product Features

Wired Ambient Thermostat

  • Heating and cooling modes with the possibility to disable cooling mode if not needed
  • Comfort mode activates the programmed temperature levels with an occupant home in mind during the day; the default set points are 21oC in heating mode and 24oC in the cooling mode, and the user can change them
  • Reduced operation mode activates temperature levels programmed for periods when the house is empty or for nights; the default set points are 17oC in heating mode and 28oC in the cooling mode, and the user can change them
  • Programmed operation mode: use a timer to program heating and cooling set points throughout the day; allows you to program up to 12 settings per day; the selected set points will be automatically activated at the scheduled time
  • Simple and comfortable interior temperature adjustment provides perfect comfort and energy efficiency
  • Holiday operation mode: designed to apply energy-saving set points when the home is unoccupied for long periods of time. The default values are 14oC for heating and 30oC for cooling.
  • Stop function: for fully system.; However, the built-in freeze protection remains active (default to 4oC).
  • The adjustment point limitation allows you to set the lower and upper limits of the adjustment points, with which the user can program the comfort levels desired, which can only be modified by the installer
  • Number of set point changes: 12/day
  • Key lock function: possibility to lock the keys of the ambient thermostat


Data sheet

Termostato ambiente. Termostato por cable (3 hilos). Contactos secos ON/OFF.

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