Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar
Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar
Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar
Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar
Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar
Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar
Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar

Personal Air Conditioner Evapolar

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Only available for citizens and residents in Spain

Portable Air Conditioners brand Evapolar.
Cooling Capacity: 86 - 301 Kcal/h (100 - 350 W)

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WHAT IS Evapolar?

Evapolar is the world's first personal climate control.

Cool, moisten and purify the air, creating your perfect microclimate, to your right size.

Its small size allows you to enjoy a refreshing atmosphere in any stay you need. Its low noise makes it ideal for both a work environment and the comfort of your home.

Portable and easy to use, hassle-free.

No installation is required. Forget about screws, bits or wall work. All you need is a plug to start feeling the cooling effects of your portable and personal air conditioning unit for a pleasant sense of well-being.

SO Evapolar WORKS

100% environmentally friendly.

Evapolar does not need freon or any other refrigerant gas. It works by means of a system of mineral plates that absorb the water from the tank and facilitate its evaporation, transforming the dry air of your stay into a cool and pleasant breeze. It is composed of easily recyclable materials that do not harm the environment.

  • Place it in the right place for you. Its compact and elegant design is perfect to complement any décor.
  • Fill the removable container with water. The LED lighting on your Evapolar device will alert you when the tank's water runs out. If you forget to refill it, Evapolar will continue to function as a conventional fan, without suffering any damage to its internal mechanisms.
  • Plug it in. Low consumption thanks to its simple technology that will help you reduce your bills. It even works with portable batteries! It only requires a Micro USB cable to connect it to the power.
  • Adjust the power. You'll get a powerful cooling effect for added comfort.
  • Enjoy the ideal temperature! Manufactured with durable and environmentally friendly components.


Be sure to book your portable air conditioner and staff at the best price on the market, this is the offer for early risers!


Data sheet

Cooling Capacity
86 - 301 Kcal/h (100 - 350 W)
Sound Pressure Level - Cooling (dBA - H / L / SL)
45 / 36 / 27
Dimensions Indoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
170 x 171 x 174
Volumetric Flow Rate (cfm)
Reservoir capacity (ml)
Cartridge life expectancy (months)
3 - 6
Time between reservoir refillings (hours)
3 - 5

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