Multi Split Air Conditioner Haier 3U55S2SR5FA + AS25RHBHRA-M + AS35RHBHRA-M
Multi Split Air Conditioner Haier 3U55S2SR5FA + AS25RHBHRA-M + AS35RHBHRA-M
Multi Split Air Conditioner Haier 3U55S2SR5FA + AS25RHBHRA-M + AS35RHBHRA-M
Multi Split Air Conditioner Haier 3U55S2SR5FA + AS25RHBHRA-M + AS35RHBHRA-M

Multi Split Air Conditioner Haier 3U55S2SR5FA + AS25RHBHRA-M + AS35RHBHRA-M

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Multi Split Haier
Cooling Capacity: 4.730 Kcal/h (5.5 kW)
Heating Capacity: 5.848 Kcal/h (6.8 kW)
Energy Classification: A+
Refrigerant: R-32

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Multi 3x1 Haier

Haier Multi Split wall air conditioning, the most comfortable and easy way to air-condition several rooms. This multi-split consists of an outdoor unit model 3U55S2SR5FA, plus two indoor units model AS25RHBHRA-M + AS35RHBHRA-M, recommended for rooms to be conditioned up to 25 m2 one and 35 m2 the other (approximate measurements depending on factors such as place of installation, climate, insulation of the room, etc.).

A Geos R machine is synonymous with reliability and efficiency after many years of accompanying professionals and growing with them. The new evolution of Geos R reflects Haier's commitment to the Internet of Things, including the best Wi-Fi on the market as standard and being voice controlled through Google Home. The sound pressure level of the Geos R machines is only 18 dB(A), less than a whisper.

The Multi Split Haier Geos R series has the best features at the best price:

  • Quiet: A low noise level ensures peace of mind thanks to the optimised design of the fan, air ducts and motor
  • Wifi: Download the Haier Smart Air 2 application to an Apple or Android device and connect your computer to your device to control your system wherever you are and at any time
  • Voice Control: Hands-free voice control feature for Haier Smart Air Conditioners compatible with Google Assistant
  • CleanCool: CleanCool technology freezes the surface of the evaporator in contact with the humidity in the air and removes the dust in the defrosting phase, thus ensuring the release of clean air
  • Smart air: This function automatically orients the baffles to better distribute the flow according to the mode you set.
  • Night Mode: Provides maximum comfort and energy savings for worry-free sleep.
  • Turbo Cooling: The special control program allows the motor to run at a higher frequency and users enjoy a cooler environment in a much shorter time.
  • Hot start: When the device starts to run in heating mode or changes from cooling mode to heating mode, it does not emit cold air.
  • Automatic defrost: Only activated when needed to reduce energy waste and ensure a better experience by reducing defrost time
  • 5-speed fan: Operates at very high/high/medium/low/very low speeds to give users more options in airflow control
  • Easy Clip: Facilitates installation with a larger workspace that simplifies assembly and maintenance.
  • Self-diagnosis: Displays the error code on the indoor unit's LED display, making maintenance work easier.
  • Automatic Reset: Restores previous air conditioning settings after a sudden power failure.
  • Automatic mode: Automatically adjusts the cooling or heating function of the air conditioner according to the desired temperature and the room temperature
  • LED display: Clearly shows the room temperature in real time or the desired temperature on the panel.
  • Blue Fin: Favours the passage of condensation thanks to its hydrophilic and anti-corrosive properties
  • PID: Optimizes the operating frequency before reaching the desired temperature and then constantly makes adjustments in real time to maintain the room air temperature at the desired temperature
  • Standby mode 1w: Reduces consumption in standby mode from 8W to 1W by optimizing the control program.
  • 6-speed outdoor unit: Makes adjustments based on the control of the environmental sensor and the pipe sensor to optimize heat exchange performance and improve energy efficiency.

Haier Quality Guarantee:

The entire Haier air conditioning range is subject to the strictest quality controls to ensure superior performance and reliability in all areas of application.

Products designed for reliable and long-lasting operation, tested with the best control equipment worldwide and complying with all the standards, certifications and directives of the competent authorities in the sector: European EN 45001, American UL, Canadian CSA, Canadian TCA, U.S.ETL.



Data sheet

Indoor unit
Remote control
Outdoor unit
Geos R
Cooling Capacity
4.730 Kcal/h (5.5 kW)
Heating Capacity
5.848 Kcal/h (6.8 kW)
Recommended surface area
20+30 m²
Heat Pump
Nominal consumption (cooling/heating)
1.35 / 1.66 kW
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit)
18 / 19 dBA
Energy label (Cooling)
Energy label (Heating)
8.50 / 4.00
Indoor unit color
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
705 x 193 x 265
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
890 × 340 × 700
Net weight
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
Energy Classification

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