Heat Only Bibloc Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hydrobox EHSE-YM9ED
Heat Only Bibloc Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hydrobox EHSE-YM9ED
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Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems Heat Only Bibloc Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hydrobox EHSE-YM9ED

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Heat Only brand Mitsubishi Electric.

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Hydrobox series - Heating only

The Hydrobox indoor units of the Ecodan range stand out for their all-in-one design, offering all the basic components incorporated. 
They are also easy to install, maintain and transport, making them a great choice among Mitsubishi Electric air-to-water heat pumps.

Hydrobox DHW production and storage 

This unit is capable of discreetly producing and storing domestic hot water. In fact, this new model compared to previous models has improved efficiency and reduced running costs by up to 17%.

ECODAN range, what is it?

ECODAN heating systems allow the production of heating, domestic hot water and cooling thanks to aerothermal heat pump technology. With ECODAN, the energy you need to heat your home comes from two sources: 25% from the electricity supply, and the remaining 75% from the outside air free of charge, allowing the equipment to pay for itself quickly.

Today, ECODAN heating systems can ensure heating that is as reliable or more reliable than traditional systems, but with greater simplicity, less maintenance and lower energy consumption.

Mitsubishi Electric technology and quality

With its long experience in manufacturing premium air conditioning systems, Mitsubishi Electric's ECODAN heat pumps are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Advanced, user-friendly control

Sixth generation control electronics manage the system to ensure maximum comfort with the lowest consumption and offer a range of useful functions for both the installer and the end user.

Superior efficiency across the range

Our new ECODAN R32 systems have the highest energy category: A+++ (35°C). Our DHW production systems are also 40% more efficient than the previous generation, achieving the A+ energy rating for L and XL profiles.


Data sheet

Indoor unit
Remote control
Ecodan Hydrobox
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit)
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
600 x 360 x 950
Net weight
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
DHW Tank
Not included
Indoor unit

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