Cassette Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Electric PLA-SM100EA + PUZ-SM100YKA
Cassette Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Electric PLA-SM100EA + PUZ-SM100YKA
Cassette Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Electric PLA-SM100EA + PUZ-SM100YKA
Cassette Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Electric PLA-SM100EA + PUZ-SM100YKA

Cassette Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Electric PRO PLA-SM100EA + PUZ-SM100YKA

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Cassette Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Electric
Cooling Capacity: 8.170 Kcal/h (9.50 kW)
Heating Capacity: 9.632 Kcal/h (11.20 kW)
Energy Classification: A+
Refrigerant: R-32

Mitsubishi Electric PLA/SLZ Series Cassettes

The PLA series of cassettes has been specially designed for commercial use, integrating perfectly into any environment thanks to its attractive design. In addition, thanks to the optional 3D i-see Sensor it maintains the highest levels of comfort with even temperature distribution. The new compact SLZ-M units offer a width of 570mm, facilitating installation in standard 600x600mm false ceilings, and providing the maximum comfort of 4-way cassettes. In addition, they have a very low sound level from 25dB and a higher energy efficiency of up to A++. The new design also includes new details to make installation even easier.

The most advanced cassettes

PLA-M**EA and PLA-ZM**EA (High Cop) cassettes

The new PLA cassette features a new, sleek design with up to 15% improved energy efficiency in combinations with Standard Inverter, Power Inverter and High Cop.

Optimal air distribution (PLA series)

PLA cassettes feature a series of functionalities that allow a more intelligent and uniform air-conditioning, creating highly comfortable environments thanks to the optimisation of air temperature distribution.

Wave Airflow" function (PLA Series)

This function is the most advanced technique in louvre oscillation that allows an optimal horizontal and vertical airflow movement, thus reaching more points of the room. Only available in heating mode.

High Ceiling - Low Ceiling Mode (PLA Series)

PLA units allow precise air-conditioning according to room heights. This optimises the air distribution in the room.

3D i-see Sensor (PLA and SLZ-M series)

This optional corner sensor accurately detects the temperature at floor level, keeping the room at a high level of comfort, thanks to uniform temperature distribution.

Easy Clean Panel (Optional PLA Series)

This panel allows easy maintenance of the filter, automatically lowering up to 4m.


REFRIGERATING GAS R32: Cooling gas with more efficient performance and components that are harmless to the ozone layer. Respectful with the Environment

ROTARY COMPRESSOR: A more efficient operation is achieved thanks to the powerful magnetic torque produced by the electromagnets

Inverter DC: Technology that allows you to adjust the performance of the compressor to the temperature changes detected inside your home, obtaining the most efficient performance, significant energy savings and excellent comfort

PAM CONTROL: The PAM control allows you to precisely adjust the power delivered to the compressor while minimizing the harmonic content of the current. Thanks to this control it is possible to obtain the best electrical efficiency

NEW INTERCHANGE DESIGN: New cracks in the heat exchanger that increase the exchange area increasing its efficiency

VECTOR-WAVE ECO Inverter: New control elements and synthetic resins that adjust the frequency of the compressor with the most efficient wave to regulate the speed of the same, which decreases the annual consumption of electricity

DC FAN MOTOR: Highly efficient DC current motor that drives the outdoor unit's fan being more efficient than its equivalent in AC current

LONG LIFETIME FILTER: Better and longer lasting filter maintenance thanks to a special process that improves the filter effect

HIGH PERFORMANCE FILTER: This high performance filter has a much finer mesh compared to standard filters, and is capable of capturing the tiny particles suspended in the air that were not previously captured

OUTDOOR AIR INPUT: Possibility of introducing outside air as part of the return of the unit. In this way a good ventilation of the building is achieved

HORIZONTAL SWING MODE: Mode that controls the continuous oscillation of the slats horizontally, making any room air-conditioned more quickly

FAN AUTO ADJUSTMENT: Fan air speed is automatically adjusted as required

HIGH / LOW ROOF MODE: This function allows you to adapt the drive speed of the indoor unit depending on the ceiling height

FAN SPEEDS: Number of speeds at which the indoor unit fan can operate. The example indicates that the unit has 3 speeds

AUTO CHANGE OVER: Automatic change of the unit's operation between cold and heat, depending on the room temperature

AUTO START: After a power failure and when the power supply is restored, the air conditioning system will start automatically

WEEKLY PROGRAMMER: Allows you to program operating instructions for different time slots of each day of the week

Supersilent mode: Reduces the sound level of the outdoor unit by 3dB

OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE: Intelligent fan of the Outdoor unit that ensures optimum performance even when the outdoor temperature is low

HEAT AT -20°C: It is possible to operate the unit in pump mode at -20°C

ROTATION AND BACK-UP FUNCTION The rotation function allows the alternative operation of two systems, thus extending the useful life of both systems. The Back-up function allows the other system to start functioning in the event of an error in one of the systems, thus ensuring the air-conditioning of the room.

HOT START: The hot start system ensures that the outgoing air is comfortably warm from the very first moment

WI-FI ADAPTER: Possibility of connecting the optional accessory MAC-557IF for the control of the system via internet from the MELCloud service

AUTODIAGNOSTIC FUNCTION: Self-diagnostic function to check the operating status of the unit

CONNECTION TO M-NET: Possibility of integration with the M-NET control bus used in the City Multi range. PAC-SF83MA-E interface required

REFRIGERANT RECOVERY: It is possible to collect all refrigerant in the outdoor unit to perform repairs in the indoor unit or for refurbishment

DRAINAGE PUMP: The drainage pump facilitates the drainage of the indoor unit. Specified as included or optional in each case

TUBING COMPATIBILITY: Possibility of adapting to the pipes of an installation, being compatible with the majority of pre-installations

MAXIMUM FRIGORIFIC LENGTH: It is possible to reach distances of up to 50 meters between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit

SUCIUM FILTER" SIGNAL: Unit operation is monitored and the user is notified when filter maintenance is required

REPLACE TECHNOLOGY Allows the reuse of existing pipes in the installation, thus providing an important saving in installation

3D I-SEE SENSOR OPTIONAL: The 3D I-see Sensor measures the room temperature in 3 dimensions to redirect air where it detects imbalances. This analysis is so accurate that it detects the temperature of windows and even people. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve people's wellbeing and reduce electricity consumption, as it only air-conditions where it is necessary, avoiding a bad use of energy

EASYCLEAN Optional The EasyClean panel allows the automatic lowering of the grid up to 4m, making it easier to clean the filter in places with high ceilings


Data sheet

Indoor unit
Remote control
Outdoor unit
Cooling Capacity
8.170 Kcal/h (9.50 kW)
Heating Capacity
9.632 Kcal/h (11.20 kW)
Recommended surface area
80 - 90 m²
Heat Pump
Nominal consumption (cooling/heating)
2,79 / 3,10 kW
Minimum sound pressure level (indoor unit)
31 dBA
Energy label (Cooling)
Energy label (Heating)
6,0 / 4,5
Dimensions - Indoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
840 x 840 x 298
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit (mm - W x D x H)
1050 x 330 x 981
Net weight
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
Energy Classification
Sherry Vogt 11/15/2021
Goed product en goede levering

Goede service, bedankt voor alles

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