Put Johnson in your life

Johnson was born 40 years ago to manufacture and distribute air conditioning equipment for domestic and commercial use with the best technology that adapts to the needs of customers in today's society, without neglecting respect for the environment. With its slogan "Put Johnson in your life", the brand is committed to providing high quality products that not only offer innovation and comfort in the home, but also allow a high degree of energy efficiency.

At Johnson, concern for meeting customer needs is paramount. Every feature and performance of the equipment has been specially designed to respond to the requirements of the users, thus guaranteeing maximum comfort and solving their needs without affecting the environment. In addition, all Johnson products come with a minimum of a two-year full warranty.

Johnson Wall Splits

Johnson wall splits are an excellent option to air-condition any space efficiently and economically. They stand out for their quality and competitive price, making them an attractive option for those looking for a cost-effective, high quality air conditioning solution. In addition, these units are highly energy efficient, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills and a lower carbon footprint. With Johnson wall splits, you'll enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home or workplace while taking care of the environment and saving on your wallet.

Johnson ducted air conditioners

Johnson ducted air conditioners are the ideal solution for air-conditioning large areas such as offices, shops and public buildings, but are also increasingly being used to air-condition homes. Thanks to their compact and elegant design, they are able to adapt to any type of decoration. In addition, their energy efficiency is excellent, which translates into significant savings on energy bills.

Johnson ducted units have a high cooling and heating capacity, which makes them the perfect choice to maintain a constant and pleasant temperature all year round. They also have multiple control options, allowing operation to be tailored to the specific needs of each space.

Johnson's commercial range of ducted air conditioners includes models with different capacities and features to suit any type of project and need. All of them use the new R32 gas, which is environmentally friendly and complies with the latest European sustainability standards.

Johnson air conditioning cassettes

Johnson cassette units are an excellent choice for those looking for a discreet and efficient air conditioning system for their business. With a sleek, compact design, these units blend seamlessly into any environment and offer even air distribution thanks to their four-way airflow. In addition, their low noise level and energy efficiency make them ideal for prolonged use without compromising on air quality or budget. Johnson's cassette range includes different capacities and remote control options to suit every customer's needs.