Fujitsu Split ASY35UI-KG
Fujitsu Split ASY35UI-KG
Fujitsu Split ASY35UI-KG
Fujitsu Split ASY35UI-KG
Fujitsu Split ASY35UI-KG

Fujitsu Wall Split ASY35UI-KG

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Wall Split AC brand Fujitsu.
Cooling Capacity: 3.010 Kcal/h (3.50 kW)
Heating Capacity: 3.440 Kcal/h (4.00 kW)
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration): A+++
Gas: R-32

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ECO-DESIGN Directive

Energy Classification: A+++

Gas R-32


Human Sensor: The sensor captures the movement in the room, and in the absence of it the equipment works at a lower capacity to obtain greater energy savings. When someone returns to the room, the computer regains its previous operating mode.

Energy Save: Thanks to the control of the temperature settings of the thermostats and achieves considerable energy savings.

Dehumidifier: Reduction of ambient humidity without variations in temperature.

Powerful heating: Maintains nominal heating capacity even when the outside temperature is -7oC.

Powerful Function: Activates the operation of the equipment at maximum compressor speed and maximum airflow for 20 minutes, to quickly achieve a feeling of comfort

10oC Heat: Allows you to program the temperature of the room to not drop below 10oC. So when the room is not occupied, it does not cool down too much.

Low Noise: The Low Noise function, which lowers the sound level of the outdoor unit by 3 dB, can be activated via the remote control itself.

Automatic Cold/Heat Change: Depending on the ambient temperature and the selected temperature, the unit automatically modifies the cold or heat operating mode.

Vertical Swing: Air outlet slats move vertically automatically to evenly distribute air.

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment: The microprocessor automatically adjusts the airflow depending on temperature variations.

Automatic Restart: In the event of a power outage, the equipment starts automatically once re-established.

Automatic Sleep Disconnection: The microprocessor gradually adapts the temperature to body needs, prior to disconnection.

Combined On-OFF Time Schedule: The digital programmer allows you to select any of these 4 combinations: ON, OFF, ON-OFF, OFF-ON

Automatic Weekly Programming: Possibility to program different ON/OFF options for each day of the week.

Filter: Light warning signal for filter cleaning.

Ion Deodorizer Filter: By reducing oxidation by generating ions, this filter effectively neutralizes bad odors in the environment.

Antibacterial Filter: Using static electricity, the filter removes small spores, particles and microorganisms.


Data sheet

de colores
Cooling Capacity
3.010 Kcal/h (3.50 kW)
Heating Capacity
3.440 Kcal/h (4.00 kW)
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration)
EU Ecolabel (Heating)
Sound Pressure Level - Cooling (dBA - H / M / L / SL)
40 / 35 / 30 / 19
Sound Pressure Level - Heating (dBA - H / M / L / SL)
42 / 38 / 33 / 21
Dimensions Indoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
270 x 834 x 215
Dimensions Outdoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
542 x 799 x 290

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