Daikin Purificador MC70L
Daikin Purificador MC70L

Daikin MC70L Purifier

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Air Purifiers brand Daikin.

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  1. The high-speed electrons that are discharged allow the breakdown and elimination of bacteria and allergens
  2. Dust is captured
  3. Smaller particles and pollen are electrically charged and then sent to the filter
  4. Dust and pollen are absorbed by the electric charge filter Electrostatic dust collection filter
  5. Odors and viruses are kept under control Titanium apatite catalyst filter
  6. Formaldehyde and odors break down Deodorization Catalyst Filter

Breathing-taking results

We breathe about 22,000 times a day, Daikin purifiers offer us the purest air for our homes and workplaces. The MC70L purifier eliminates the origin of many allergies: dust, pollen, pet hair... Destroy 99.99% of pollutants. It is effective in rooms up to 46 m2.

Ten years of fresh air

The new MC70L purifier has increased the life of its filters to two years. The unit includes five filters, so the user can enjoy the benefits of pure air for ten years.

1) Powerful air purification increases indoor air quality thanks to Daikin Flash Streamer Technology.

2) Powerful airflow: 420 m3/h in turbo mode.

3) Very quiet operation: level

reduced sound pressure up to 16 dBA.

4) Lightweight and compact.

5) Easy to clean flat panel.

Comfort day and night

For greater comfort at night the new purifier has been equipped with Night Mode, selectable from the remote control.


Data sheet

Recommended surface area:
50 m²
Dimensions (ht x wd x dp - mm)
576 - 403 - 241 mm
Sound pressure (dBa)
48 / 39 / 32 / 24 / 16
Power supply
Air flow (H / M / L)
420 / 285 / 210 / 130 / 55 m3/h

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