Daikin Ducted BA35A
Daikin Ducted BA35A
Daikin Ducted BA35A
Daikin Ducted BA35A

Daikin Ducted BA35A

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Ducted Air Conditioners brand Daikin.
Cooling Capacity: 2.924 Kcal/h (3.40 kW)
Heating Capacity: 3.440 Kcal/h (4.00 kW)
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration): A++
Gas: R-32

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Ducted units quieter and more efficient The units of the new FBA-A range incorporate Inverter fans that adapt, within a few parameters, the pressure available to provide maximum comfort at all times. This reduces the sound level as well as the energy consumption by lowering the fan revolutions. All this contributes to the overall performance of the system being increased by just 245 mm. high.

1) New design. More compact: only 245 mm in height.

2) Static pressure up to 150Pa facilitates the use of flexible Ducted of various lengths. Ideal for medium-sized shops and offices.

3) Guaranteed optimum comfort: the automatic airflow adjustment function measures air volume and static pressure and adjusts it to the rated air flow, regardless of the length of the duct, making the installation easier and ensuring the Comfort. In addition, static pressure can be changed from the remote control to optimize the volume of air supplied.

Inverter technology: Thanks to this technology, energy consumption is reduced by 30% compared to traditional

Seasonal efficiency, intelligent energy use: Energy efficiency measurement model that calculates seasonal performance by assessing operation at partial loads of equipment

Operation in fan mode: If desired, the unit can move the air out of the room without cooling or heating

Absence operation: During the absence, you can keep the temperature at a certain level

Automatic reboot After a power outage, the unit is automatically launched with the preset operating parameters

Silent mode: The silent rotary compressor available to the outdoor unit is designed to not disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood

Standard Drainage Pump: Facilitates condensation drainage of the indoor unit

Automatic cold/heat selection: This function automatically selects between heating and cooling modes to reach the set temperature. (heat pump only)

Air filter: To ensure a continuous supply of clean air, the unit has a specially designed filter to remove dust particles contained in the air

Dehumidification: Special function for dehumidshering the air without changing the temperature of the room

Fan Speed Stages: The given number of fan speed can be selected

Weekly timer: It can be configured to activate cooling/heating at any time of the week

Remote control: Infrared remote control with LCD to start, stop and control the unit from a distance

Wired Remote Control: Wired remote control to start, stop and control the unit from a distance

Sky Air and VRV Wifi Control: The indoor unit can be controlled from any location via smartphone, computer or tablet

Centralized control: Centralized control to start, stop and control multiple units individually

Replacement: New system to adapt equipment using R-22 refrigerant to the use of r-410A refrigerant

Compatible with Multizone Systems: Multi-zone systems allow individual control of the different rooms of a dwelling, commerce or office, when using the Ducted units


Data sheet

Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
Cooling Capacity
2.924 Kcal/h (3.40 kW)
Heating Capacity
3.440 Kcal/h (4.00 kW)
Heat Pump
EU Ecolabel (Refrigeration)
EU Ecolabel (Heating)
Dimensions Indoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
245 x 700 x 800
Dimensions Outdoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
550 x 765 x 285
Sound Pressure Level - Cooling (dBA - H / L)
35 / 29
Sound Pressure Level - Heating (dBA - H / L)
37 / 29

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