Boreal Pellets 12 kW Ivory White
Boreal Pellets 12 kW Ivory White

Boreal Pellets 12 kW Ivory White

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Heaters brand Boreal.
Heating Capacity: 11 - 4.5 kW

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BOREAL PELLET 12 kW Ivory White


With the Smart Control system, the stove detects and analyzes variables such as pellet quality, installation characteristics and environmental factors, in order to self-configure and optimize its operation. Display for programming and management of the stove. Daily and weekly programmer for turning on and off.


This new system developed by Boreal, consists in the 360º rotation of the burner base at the same time that it is cleaned deeply and automatically by a stainless steel brush. In this way, the cleaning of the base is complete since the ashes that have not yet fallen by gravity into the ashtray are swept by the brush. Thanks to this system, the user will enjoy the maximum comfort and autonomy of the equipment, without having to manually clean the burner

Clean glass system

Double chamber system

Modulation system

Max power 12 kW

Nominal Power (Max-Min) 11-4.5 kW

90-93% yield

Heatable volume 275 m3

Consumption 2.5-1 kg/h

CO emissions 0.009% - 0.019%

Autonomy 7,6-19 h

Tank capacity 19 kg

Smoke outlet diameter 80 mm

Air inlet diameter 50 mm

Weight 125 kg

Includes 430 m3/h tangential fan


CE: European marking that certifies that the product complies with legal and technical requirements

European standard for domestic heating appliances, fed with wood pellets.

European standard for domestic heating appliances that meet the requirements for watertightness.

15a B-VG: Austrian certification that regulates and tests heating and energy saving systems

Efficiency and emission regulations applicable to biomass heating boilers (up to 500 kW).

ECO DESIGN Eco design requirements applicable to boilers and heating appliances using solid fuels. To be applied from 1 January 2020-2022.

Flamme Verte: French marking, which guarantees quality, efficiency and high energy performance of wood and pellet heating products.


Data sheet

Heating Capacity
11 - 4.5 kW
EU Ecolabel (Heating)
Color indoor unit
Gas consumption (kg/h)
2.5 - 1
Dimensions (ht x wd x dp - mm)
1116 x 534 x 518
Deposit Capacity
19 kg
Maxima Power
12 kW
90 - 93%
Heating Volume
275 m3
CO emissions
0.009% - 0.019%
7.6 - 19 h
Smoke Output Diameter
80 mm
Air Inlet Diameter
50 mm

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