Altherma KIT-MWF016BW (Three Phase)
Altherma KIT-MWF016BW (Three Phase)

Altherma KIT-MWF016CW (triphase)

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Only available for citizens and residents in Spain

Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems brand Daikin.
Gas: R-410A

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Compact, easy-to-install system

Daikin Altherma Monobloc is a compact air conditioning and production system

sanitary hot water.

Outdoor unit and hydrokit are unified in a single unit.

Easy to install, it doesn't need refrigerant connections, which is a considerable

economic savings.

Compatible with underfloor heating and solar kit

In addition, Daikin Altherma Monobloc, being a compact system with a single unit installed

outside the house, does not diminish the available interior space.

Anti-frost protection: the unit, located outside the house, is designed to

weatherwithout affecting its effective operation.

Control Box required for:

> ACS production

> Operation with an external TH control

> If the Option Box is to be mounted

> Limiting energy demand by external signals

Option Box needs to:

> Connect KRCS01-1 inner probe

> If an electric pulse meter is to be installed

> Output signal to turn on a secondary heat source (bivalence)

> Signal alarm output. Weather output on/off.

Service ac on/off.n

Daikin Altherma Monobloc

> Available in power s/he 11-14-16 Kw

> All-in-one system with electrical resistance included

> Best Labeling A++ (previous version A+)

> Increased capacity at low temperatures. 33% increase to -7/35oC

> Significant volume reduction, 36% reduction

> Greater ease of connection

> Working range up to -25oC

> Better performance, 33% increase over previous version

Solar panels

Daikin Altherma can be combined with solar thermal panels using a solar kit to produce hot water.

The Sun provides between 30 and 70% of the energy needed to produce the hot water the home needs.


Data sheet

Remote control
Outdoor unit
Heat capacity (at +7oC, ACS at 35oC)
13.760 Kcal/h (16.00 kW)
Cooling capacity (at 35oC, ACS at 7oC)
11.696 Kcal/h (13.60 kW)
Dimensions Outdoor Unit (mm - H x W x D)
1340 x 1160 x 380
Total packages
Liquid pipe diameter
Control Box
Sound pressure (dBa)
Operating range
To Maximum Water Output (Heat)
Minimum Water Outlet (Cold)
Deposit Capacity
SHW Reservoir
Standalone, included with the set
COP (A 7ºC, agua a 35ºC)
EER (A 35ºC, agua a 7ºC)
Energy class (heat, temperate climate)
Drain kit

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