Air Conditioning Accesories AirPatrol AIRPATROL-WIFI
Air Conditioning Accesories AirPatrol AIRPATROL-WIFI

AirPatrol WiFi

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Air Conditioning Accesories brand AirPatrol.

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AirPatrol Wifi. Intelligent control for your air conditioning and heat pump.
Compatible with most models of major air conditioning brands; Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu... And many more!
Reduces power consumption by up to 25% using the intelligent AirPatrol device. In addition to saving money, AirPatrol Wifi makes your life more comfortable. Use the application from your smartphone to control your climate control equipment from anywhere and adjust the room temperature perfectly before you get home for maximum comfort - your home will have the ideal temperature from the moment you walk in the door!
How does it work?
AirPatrol Wifi uses wireless channels for communication between your mobile phone (smartphone) and the AirPatrol device: a strong wifi / cloud network. On the other hand, the IR system that allows us to control our air conditioning by infrared, also allows us to communicate with the AirPatrol receiver system.
Control your air conditioning from anywhere
Simply install an app and start enjoying this wonderful system that allows you to send orders to adjust your air conditioning, no matter where you are. This way you will always enjoy the ideal temperature in your home.
Easy to set up
The installation will take just a few minutes and works with all major heat pumps, air conditioning and smartphones.
Save on your bills
Your energy consumption will be reduced, since with AirPatrol you will be able to cool or heat your home even when you are away, so you will no longer have to turn on your air conditioning at full power when you get home to "quickly" reach the ideal temperature.
Stay Informed
With AirPatrol it is easy to check the ambient temperature and humidity from anywhere. It even lets you know when the temperature or humidity goes too low or too high. In addition, the AirPatrol application also sends you warnings about specific incidents, such as when there are occasional power cuts, and most importantly, you will receive alerts on the status of your air conditioning to help prevent breakdowns
Proven quality and durability
All AirPatrol products come with a two-year warranty and are developed and manufactured in Tallinn, Estonia, which guarantees very high quality, even above EU standards. The AirPatrol systems have been thoroughly tested for several years in extreme weather conditions in the Scandinavian countries, with excellent results and great acceptance and demand from the end user.
Commands and Functions
Configuration of functions, dehumidifier / cold / heat / auto
Temperature setting, 10 - 30 ° c
Fan speed adjustment, auto / min / norm / max
Oscillation mode for air outlet
Low calorie mode (freeze protection)
Customizable alarms
Low/high ambient temperature
Low/high room humidity
Connection status
Service time
AirPatrol Information
Mode of operation
Fan speed mode
Oscillation mode for air outlet
Desired temperature
Current temperature
Current humidity
Local weather report
Connection status
Information on the Activity Time Controller
Wifi network
Firmware version
Additional Features
Scheduling Calendar
Possibility of grouping different devices in the mobile phone application (smartphone)
Possibility of controlling multiple air-conditioning units in the app
4 indication LEDs (on, pairing, wi-fi, IR)
Automatic update (automatically updates to the latest software version)
Expandable (compatible with all AirPatrol extensions)
User specific configuration, alarms, etc. (no user limit)
Temperature conversion (Celsius / Fahrenheit)


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