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  • Brand: Mitsubishi Electric

More Air conditioning solutions at ClimaMarket

At ClimaMarket we are specialists in Air Conditioning, both in the conventional and best known systems (wall splits, ducts, cassettes) and in less conventional and more specific systems for a given function.

In this section you will find the less conventional air conditioning systems as well as equipment that are focused on the treatment of the air we breathe.

We offer you the best brands in floor and ceiling consoles, air conditioning columns and pellet and gas stoves.

For air treatment we have portable purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Floor/ceiling air conditioning and standing units

If you need an affordable climate control system adapted to your business, there is nothing better than the floor/ceiling consoles and standing units from Climamarket.

The latest air conditioning technologies with a design adapted mainly for commercial and work spaces.

Wide capacities ranges, easy installation, great adaptability to the space and high energy efficiency make these units the ideal choice.

The floor/ceiling air conditioning has a great adaptability to its environment, being able to choose to put it up on the ceiling, maximizing the space, or to arrange it on the floor, becoming a decorative element. These units are easier to install than ducts or cassettes, and have the same technology and air conditioning qualities.

The standing units have a different and more striking design. They adapt perfectly to commercial spaces. They obviously have the same capabilities as their counterparts mentioned above.

Air treatment Purifiers, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Do you need a Purifier? At ClimaMarket we have the best brands of purifiers on the market. Keep the air in your home, work or business clean from viruses, bacteria, mould and bad odours with Climamarket purifiers.

Our purifiers bring the latest air purification technologies from HEPA filters to ultraviolet light to clean the air in our environment.

Humidity is also one of the most important factors, both in our well-being and in the care of our properties as well as their contents.

Humidity should be between 50% and 60%. More humidity can bring problems to our property as well as to our health, and an environment that is too dry is not advisable either, which is why at ClimaMarket we have the best Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers on the market.

We have the best brands on the market. These are products that we have tried and tested ourselves.

Pellet and Gas Stoves

Whether you're looking for a stove or prefer radiant heat to a heat pump, no problem. At Climamarket we have a large selection of both gas and pellet cookers.

Gas stoves, economical, without installation, with safety shut-off device and thermostat, nothing like the cookers of before.

Pellet stoves, maximum energy efficiency, minimum consumption, no pollution. Without a doubt, the star of the cookers. Try the pellet stove experience with Climamarket!