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Active filters

  • Brand: LG

Air Purifiers

We offer you the most advanced air purifiers on the market, from top brands, and with the latest technologies.

Dirty air, a heavy atmosphere, fumes, allergies? Forget about them with ClimaMarket Purifiers.

A purifier takes the air from the environment, recirculates it through a series of filters and returns it to you recycled and clean of impurities.

The main characteristics of the air purifiers are:

  • They clean the air of all impurities that cause allergies.
  • They suck up any smoke in the air.
  • They remove 99% of dust particles up to 0.3 microns in size.
  • They remove various contaminants in addition to dust, viruses, bacteria, mould, animal hair or pollen

Top Brands in Purifiers

We have the best brands of purifiers on the market: Daikin, HTW, Wellisair, among many others.

They are small and portable, so there is no problem moving them with you to the room where you need them.

These Purifiers use different types of filtering among others:

  • Conventional filters: for larger particles such as hairs, cuticles and dust.
  • HEPA filters: these filters absorb particles of up to 0.3 μm such as pollen or allergens, they are used in aircraft cabins.
  • Filters with Active Carbon: they are in charge of eliminating bad smells.
  • UV light: Ultraviolet light that is responsible for eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Personalised attention

If you need any kind of clarification or have any kind of doubt, even if it's just to know the product and how it works, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team will be happy to help you at any time and with any questions you may have.