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Heating capacity (Range)

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  • Heating capacity (Range): 8.1 kW - 9.3 kW

Air Conditioning with Purifier in ClimaMarket

At ClimaMarket we believe that health comes first, which is why we have selected for you the best air conditioning units with purifier on the market. These air conditioning units guarantee cleaner, healthier, fresher and virus-free air.

We present you the units with the best and most advanced air conditioning, which also incorporate the air purification function.

The first equipment we recommend within the Air Conditioners with Purifier is the Wall Split LG AIR PURIFYING AP09RT.NSJ + AP09RT.UA3. Undoubtedly a great air conditioning equipment at an unbeatable price.

And if what you need is more power to cover a larger room, we recommend LG AIR PURIFYING AP12RT.NSJ + AP12RT.UA3.

Heating, cooling and air purification, all in one

It is, without doubt, the latest technology in air conditioning. Discover the new air conditioners with purifier and climatise your home of office with its heating and cooling functionalities. It also cleans the air of viruses, bacteria, mould and bad odours.

Save space and energy with the same air conditioning machine. Enjoy a cleaner and safer air than ever before.

How do air conditioners with purifier work?

The most advanced air purification technology applied to your service

How do these air conditioning splits with purifier perform the air filtering? By means of various systems that we detail below:

  • Conventional filters: for larger particles such as hair, cuticles and dust.
  • HEPA filters: these filters absorb particles of up to 0.3 μm such as pollen or allergens.
  • Filters with Active Carbon: they are in charge of eliminating bad smells.
  • UV light: which is responsible for eliminating viruses and bacteria.

All this in addition to obviously having inverter and heat pump technology. The best comfort with the greatest security for you and yours.

Air conditioning with purifier and WIFI

Today we are connected, wherever we are and wherever we go. Why should your air conditioning system be any different?

Control it wherever you are! Climatise and purify the environment before you get home, from your mobile phone. You are in control with the new air conditioning systems with purifier and wifi incorporated.

We help you choose your air conditioning with purifier

With all the brands, characteristics and different powers we understand that it can be a little complicated to decide on one model or another.

Tell us your needs, at ClimaMarket we will be happy to help you in the process of selecting your air conditioning with purifier. Our greatest reward is your total satisfaction.